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Mavi Haime

Mavi Haime

Executive Director  Green Miami Events



 Sales Associate & International Sales Rep.

We will "Provide environmental support and corporate governance to your business events and we will implement and managed environmental concepts into to your existing business processes."






Information of my former leadership experience 

With a Master in Marketing and Advertising at the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University in Bogota, I proceeded to work in a fast upscale environment, assuring  big success.

I am passionate about horses, real estate investments, corporate sustainability,  promoting environmental awareness and social responsibility .

With encouragement from my family, I began a Real Estate career in the US along with many other environmental projects, expos and social/corporate events in Miami since 2001. 

I am the co -founder of Green Miami Events, an event planning company dedicated to the development and execution of zero carbon footprint events and campaigns , promoter and former Executive Director of Bioplanet USA ( environmental NGO )  today active in USA. Mexico , Honduras and Colombia.



Sales Director for Cornerstone Group 

Executive Director of Bioplanet USA 

Treasurer at Oceania  Tower IV BOD 

President of Oceania Tower IV Association BOD

Member at the Neat Streets Miami Miami Dade committee and Representing Bioplanet USA at the BOD.CIAB (MDPR)

Board member of Miami Dade  Tree and Landscape Committee

Committee member for Million Trees Miami  ( Miami Dade )  new projects marketing and events.


CEO for J.Iriarte y Asociados, in Colombia


CEO  Miami - Deluxe ( Miami- Monterrey Mx) 

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